Saturdays Surf NYC just released the third issue of its bi-annual publication, and it's just as good as previous ones. 

The Saturdays Magazine team played around with the concept of change, and explored it through art, cinema, design, photography, and surfing. "We embrace the complexities of change and the traces it leaves on the people, places, and objects we encounter in our daily lives," editor-in-chief Colin Tunstall said. "While it often leaves us with a bitter reminder that life isn't what it once was, change is a source of freshness and inspiration. This underlying theme is the thread that binds together each piece within our publication." 

The magazine definitely looks great, and has some pretty impressive images in the book. But don't think those are all it has. There are also exclusive interviews from the likes of Tyson Chandler, graffiti artist Jim Joe, and creative director of colette Sarah Andelman

So what are you still waiting for? Head to a Saturdays boutique in NYC or Japan, hit up the brand's website, or visit colette now to get a copy. 

If you'd like a further look at the mag, check out the behind-the-scenes video.