French street artist ROTI’s work has taken a shocking turn in the form of sculpture. In a show of support for the protesters in Kiev, Ukraine, ROTI carved massive blocks of stone into shallow gravesites that have protruding body parts — resembling Han Solo’s unfortunate adventure with carbon-freezing. The pieces are simple yet spellbinding. Each structure is carved from a slab of marble using a chainsaw and other power tools. The sides of the sculptures are clean and flat, with protuberance  only on the large, flat surfaces. ROTI crafts human faces, hands, and feet into the topmost portion of the rock, sometimes highlighting the body parts with disappearing ripples, as if the body were emerging from water.

ROTI joined the hundreds of thousands of dissenters already in Kiev for anti-government “Euromaiden” protests. The government’s response to the protesters has started to become violent as clashes with local police forces intensify. The clashes have grown more ferocious since the government passed anti-protest laws, which make public dissention a crime that can carry a jail sentence of up to five years.

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[via StreetArtNews]