Back in October, we told you that Rhizome had issued a call-for-papers concerning e-cigarettes and vaporizers and the culture surrounding the technology. Well, it looks like there were enough submissions to make the symposium happen, so stock up on flavor cartridges and head to the New Museum on February 22.

The purpose of the event, according to Rhizome, is to "present analyses—historical, political, social, anticipatory—of this technology and the discursive field that is emerging around it." The symposium has been broken down into segments: 

  • "The ENDD (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Device) past & present"
  • "The demise of cigarette monoculture and its image as epitome of sex, death, style"
  • and "New aesthetic and experiential possibilities."

From a lecture performance on the history and maturation of e-cigarette technology by Mathew Dryhurst and Brian Rogers, to a video intervention by interdisciplinary artist Karthik Pandian, an "interactive smoking room," and a live presentation of the "#VapeCru Mix Tape," there will be no shortage of interesting conversations that you never thought you'd be having in life.

For ticketing information and more details about event, head to Rhizome's website.