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Architect Renzo Piano’s domination of the London skyline rolls on, with yet another planned residential tower to take shape next to his recently opened “London Bridge Tower,” aka “The Shard,” shown above. The new tower will be 27 stories of apartments, commercial and retail space, and a roof garden.  The project involves the redevelopment of Fielden House, a 1970s office building on London Bridge Street. Here’s how Sellers, the developers of the building, describe the new project:

It is intended that this new building will 'float' some 14m above the enlarged public realm space on London Bridge Street, opening up new access routes between the two levels, and providing views down to Guy's hospital, Kings College Campus and the proposed Science Gallery for the first time. A new generous staircase and a multi-level retail space will link the two levels, creating a new through route from the public Plaza and bus station above, to St Thomas Street below, significantly improving pedestrian circulation and quality of the public realm.

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[via The Guardian]