NexusVII may sound like a top secret government contractor that is hired to carry out black ops missions and do shit you only see in Call of Duty, but really it's just the name of a really cool brand that makes a lot of things that I really, really want, but can’t afford, especially this fishtail mac. It’s got a hidden placket and slimmer fit, like any good mac should, but it's also got the ill, enormous fishtail and and equally enormous slant pockets and herringbone lining and pit vents. I don't know about you, but I'd rather die enormous than live dormant. It’s been a minute since I’ve highlighted the import of pit vents on jackets, but they are so fucking crucial. See, sometimes when it rains it’s not that cold out, but you still want to wear your cool rain jacket, but you also don’t want to sweat like I do when I go to trade shows in the summer and run into someone famous like Miss Info.

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