It's kinda funny that most stereotypes surrounding the California lifestyle have largely remained unchanged over the years. Yeah, much like the size of the Golden State, that assertion's pretty expansive, but if you move anywhere outside the West Coast, the categories fools tried to pigeonhole you inside start to reveal themselves...Wow, the sky really is much more blue in California. It's bright out, dude. Some streets are truly lined with palm trees. Is this guy in front of me actually walking this slowly? 

For its spring/summer campaign, Original Penguin flew to Malibu to see if the characteristics out-of-towners who call it "Cali" described were true. And what they found there - aquamarine waters, soft, sandy beaches with sprawling jetties, and tans. Everywhere. - evoked the colors, textures and laid-back feel of the collection.

Pale pink button downs, printed board shorts and floral patterns ooze West Coast vibes in the brand's video for the collection. Bi-coastal photog Stephen Busken shot the spot - one that'll leave you wondering whether that guy ever managed to land his back flip off the lifeguard tower. 

See more here, and pick up some pieces from the line on Penguin's site

[via Original Penguin]