OiPolloi is known for selling some of the best classic and contemporary menswear pieces on the out there. Well for the winter 2014, season, the UK shop expanded its range with an in-house line-up that might make you temporarily forget about the shop's amazing brand list.

The exclusive in-house line includes bomber jackets, knit sweaters and belts, each made using only the highest sourced materials. The jackets come in a variety of materials including supple leather and suede for a super, badass clean look. Oi Polloi assures us that, don't worry, they did not make these themselves. All leather pieces were constructed by artisan masters in the leather-region Italy is famous for.

You can even get to layering and add a wool sweater underneath your jacket to stay toasty. Each knitted piece is made in Scotland from 100% wool so you can unload double middle fingers to Jack Frost. As for accessories, Oi Polloi employed belt masters from Argentina to create reverse leather and embroidered leather pieces that will complement whatever 'fit you're rolling with.

Get your new look now at the OiPolloi website.

[via OiPolloi]