Artwork by Danny Scanzoni.

The Notorious B.I.G. was obviously a musical force that transformed the entire landscape of hip-hop and culture in general. His legacy still stands strong today. Standing in the face of his musical contributions, everything else about the larger-than-life Brooklyn native isn't as important. However, Biggie's style was at the forefront of a movement that took over the streets, high-fashion, and everything in between.

Biggie was taken from us all way too soon. If he were alive today there is no telling how he'd be contributing to hip-hop in all its shapes and forms, including the styles of the day. In a silly exercise that really is an extension of our wish that Biggie was alive today, we imagined how the eternal king would dress today. Both musically and stylistically, we assume he'd be leading the pack of today's rappers and hip-hop fans. So we asked, "Who shopped ya?" and present The Notorious B.I.G. Re-Imagined Wearing Today's Trendiest Clothing.

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