Back in May, news broke that designer Mark McNairy and the vaunted American line Woolrich Woolen Mills were parting ways. WWM actually took a hiatus and didn't produce a spring/summer 2014 collection. But now the two are back together again, and the fall/winter 2014 collection that's debuting at Capsule NY will have McNairy's genius behind the wheel.

In line with his consistent DGAF attitude, McNairy referred to the hiatus and partying of ways with a tweet that read, "HAPPY NOW ALL YOU WHINEY BITCHES?" 

But now the partnership is on again, and McNairy's latest statement reads, "REUNITED, AND IT FEELS SO GOOD...I'M BACK." 

And while the announcement comes today, it sounds like McNairy's been busy designing the collection. Chock full of weather-resistant ballistic nylon rain pieces, reversible Balmac jackets and varsity jackets, the collection leans heavily on classic Woolrich textiles. This season also includes a bunch of classic silhouettes and garments with the twist of badass that McNairy always brings.