Lucas Price may be better known by his street art moniker Cyclops, a former member of London's Burning Candy graffiti crew, but his recent works are more suited for the gallery than the streets. In his hyper-real paintings and photographs, however, there are traces of his urban roots—a Supreme hat, a deflated basketball.

Price's artwork incorporates religious imagery, Baroque motifs, and themes from Renaissance still life, yet his pieces remain distinctly modern, which makes them all the more captivating. His photographs of roses give the flowers a tough edge, and his work is not without a sense of humor. Price's campaign badges advocate for Harvey Oswald and Snoopy. Mixing high and low references, from Walter Benjamin quotes to paintings of children's toys, Price shows the breadth of his vision as an artist. 

Price just wrapped up a show at The Outsiders gallery in London where he exhibited an impressive roster of contemporary work. Get to know the fine art side of Cyclops with our Portfolio Review: Lucas Price Shares Images of Skulls, Supreme Hats, and the Street.

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