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Thoughts of denim and trucker jackets probably run through your mind at the first mention of Levi’s, but a lot has changed since 1873. The newest Levi’s Premium Goods collection for spring/summer 2014 is proof of that.

Anchoring the 60s-inspired collection is its selection of jackets. You have a choice of a blue suede MA-1 bomber, a varsity jacket, and a white denim jacket finished off with white naval stripes. A button up with a uniquely shaped blue dripping yoke can be a nice change from your regular all-white office apparel. And if you’re tired of rocking your old pair of indigo colored denim, there’s an all white option included that’s perfect for spring. The collection is definitely a change from military and western looks, and all will be available later this month on the Levi’s website.

[via Highsnobiety]