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If movies and TV shows are any indication, the first thing one wants to do when they get out of prison is get a home-cooked meal and fuck a lot of women. With those things presumably checked off his list, Ja Rule headed to Milan to hit up a fashion show or two and party very hard. You wouldn't immediately pair the newly swoll rapper with the men's portion of Milan Fashion Week, but prison can change a man. But still, why the fuck is Ja Rule at Milan Fashion Week?

Dude did host one of the greatest "Cribs" episodes of all-time, so maybe we should give him a chance. You know what? Forget, Complex, GQ, or any other unworthy publications. Ja Rule is the real motherfucker you should be following for all the best Milan Fashion Week coverage and insights. And that is why Ja Rule is at Milan Fashion Week.

First stop was at the Philipp Plein show, where he took in the "Noir Cowboy" collection. Maybe we'll be seeing Ja Rule dress like an emo ranch-hand next year. No word yet on what Ja thought of the leather-heavy collection or of the Angel Haze performance, but he clearly likes the Beyoncé album.


If we learn one thing from Ja Rule's time in Italy, it's that he's a big fan of punctuation!


And he's quite adept at making color-related puns.


Just ethered this dude's existence. Street style critiques at their finest.


Damn, Ja Rule got some introspective knowledge to share with everyone. Maybe this philosophical statement comes from being embracing the collective energy that spawns when surrounded by aesthetic beauty and the physical manifestation of a creative vision. Maybe it's the Molly.


Models and bottles: The official slogan of Ja Rule's life/asshole bankers in the Meatpacking District.

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