The account has been active since August of 2013, but for some reason the Internet (ourselves included) is just noticing actor John Cusack's alleged Instagram profile, @cusackshakur. The profile features a whole lot of Macaulay Culkin-themed artwork, Photoshopped images and stills from Cusack's films, and some quality graffiti tags that include some variation of the actor's name in different styles. Because this is the Internet, you can't really verify anything based on "visual evidence" short of a signed confession next to a social security card and photo ID, but people are convinced that all of it really is Cusack's handy work.

ArtInfo points out that the IG is similar to Cusack's verified Twitter, but the visual content (and language) on each is very different. One theory is that well-known artist David Choe is in someway involved with the @cusackshakur profile. Choe and his DVDASA podcasting partner Asa Akira appear in many of the images on the profile, and Cusack has discussed his relationship with Choe on the show in past. During that episode, he and Choe talked about doing graffiti together and "Culkin Christ," a creepy motif that appears multiple times on the profile:

We still don't know for sure if we should just believe what our eyes are telling us, but it is pretty damn convincing. If it is him, this is amazing. If it's not him, this is still amazing. Judge for yourself.

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[via EliteDaily]