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Even though I've never been to London, The Hideout used to carry Supreme and that made them relevant to my life when some shit I wanted was sold out at the New York store or online. That said, I never bought anything from them, and now I kind of feel like a dick about it because they're closing for good after a 16 year run. Reportedl the victim of increased rent hikes and the rapid influx of online shopping destinations for men, The Hideout served as one of London's premiere menswear stores. In addition to being one of the only non-Supreme retailers to stock the brand before it opened its own London store, The Hideout carried such brands as visvim, Neighborhood, Ten C, Our Legacy and more—it was sort of the London version of Union (a store which saw its New York outpost close in 2009). Sad as this closing may be, if you find yourself in London, you should probably head over to The Hideout right now to get a bunch of really dope clothing on the very liquidating low.