Well this is pretty conclusive. A recent study found that 83% of women believed that men were overusing their fragrance. The study, which was actually commissioned by Old Spice, polled 2,000 young men and women ages 13 to 25, as well as 1,000 mothers of teenage boys. The final numbers concluded that 75% of the boys, 72% of the mothers, and 83% of the girls thought dudes were slathering it on way too heavy.

Fellas, it's time to stop leaning on the nozzle. If 83% of the girls you're trying to impress are taking cover from the fog that enters the room with you, then you are going about everything incorrectly. A short spritz will do the trick. No one wants to deal with noxious fumes that form a veritable cloud around your pits, stomach, and wherever the fuck else you're laying it on thick (please don't spray down there; that's just idiotic).

The study reported that most dudes douse themselves because they didn't want their scent to fade throughout the day. Well, maybe that's a good thing, if 83% of young women are against your grooming habits.

[via The Cut]

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