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The new rage for those trying to get fit are wearable trackers that counts all your calories burned, foods eaten, shits you’ve taken, etc. These are all positive things to get you on your way to a healthy lifestyle. But users of the Fitbit Force activity tracker found that the gadget also came with an unwanted surprise.

Users are reporting that they have been getting rashes caused by the band. Even with daily cleaning, like the use of alcohol wipes, didn’t make things better. It actually made it worse. "The sores were such that if you scratched them, they would break and ooze or bleed," Mike Townsend told the Huffington Post, adding that his experience with using the band was "unpleasant, to say the least."  

This is bad news for Fitbit, the current leading seller of the wearable tracker category. The company is offering refunds and exchanges for those who purchased the $130 band. Still, the damage is done. It's unlikely that people would want to try the band and see if they get burned. It’s understandable if it’s a technical problem, but when it’s fucking up your skin, that’s usually the last straw. Check out the pictures above if you dare. 

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