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The god McNasty hooked ya boys up with a sneak peek of that F/W 14 New Amsterdam collection. Cashmere wool suiting? Wool sweatpant things? A reversible wool/waxed cotton coat? LA FLAME. That down shirt jacket looks pretty dope too, but when you’re competing with a fur coat it’s hard to standout. What would I wear with a fur coat, you ask? EVERYTHING IN THE KNOWN AND UKNOWN UNIVERSE. Or you know, just a simple OCBD and jeans and some Timbs and the moral fortitude to withstand the verbal abuse of all my friends. YES, YOUR FRIENDS WILL TRY AND MAKE LAME "ARE YOU A GAY PIMP NOW?" JOKES, BUT ALL YOU HAVE TO DO TO SHUT THEM UP IS TO SAY "YUP" AND THEN BITCH SLAP THEM AS HARD AS POSSIBLE. They might not be your friend anymore, but they’ll never slander your fur coat again. Ever.