The Outsiders is gearing up to host Southampton-based contemporary abstract art pioneer Emma Richardson for her first solo exhibition with the avant garde gallery.

Richardson’s showcase, entitled "FEAST," will include several large-scale paintings and drawings rendered in oil and charcoal on linen canvases. The unpredictability of her preferred medium matches the elusiveness of its subject matter—the chaos of the unconscious and subconscious imagination.

Inspired by Georges Bataille and Sigmund Freud, among others, Richardson explores the worlds of psychoanalysis, behaviorism, and humanist psychology. She focuses in particular on themes of human sexuality and the line between human and animal behavior. By quickly applying her mediums, Richardson creates abstract, fluid forms that are at once visceral and evocative. Her technique draws attention to the dynamics of the human psyche and to basic human desires that drive all people, such as eroticism. In doing so, the artist demands that viewers reexamine the notions that drive them and question what behaviors are socially acceptable and which are socially taboo.

“FEAST” will be on display at the Lazarides-run gallery space from Friday, Feb. 21 through Saturday, March 29 2014.

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