In this episode of Driven, the series presented by Nissan that gives you an inside look at the cities that define our favorite people, we take a tour of NYC with men’s style expert Mister Mort.

Everyone knows that Manhattan is vast, and that nothing here comes cheap, so we were particularly eager to learn what Mister Mort would do with $1,000 to spend in a single day. Not surprisingly, he chose to spend most of his dough on clothing—and even bigger shocker, he knew right where to go for priceless looks on budget.

Mister Mort started his spending spree at J. Press, where he picked up a classic, American-made Oxford shirt. He then swung over to Tent and Trails, a hiking and climbing equipment store in Tribeca stocked with unusual outerwear. He finished up his clothes shopping at Nepenthes, but not before picking up some books at Bookmarc in the West Village (a man cannot live on style alone).

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