The last “Future Relic” pieces we saw from New York-based artist and sculptor Daniel Arsham were pieces of modern technology—cellphones, keyboards, cameras—crumbling into ruin. In his new collaboration with the West-coast clothiers Stampd, we see his idea of “ruin” on a different level, again combining the binary of contemporary technology and ancient artifact to effectively “ruin” ancient relics with future perspective. Originally from a series of gouache paintings Arsham did (BC, 2011, The Eyes, 2010, and Eyes, 2010) the artist superimposes deliberately out-of-place sculptural elements on the eyes of recognizable statues of antiquity. The Stampd collaborations we’ve seen of late all play into the monochromatic that Arsham’s found of and displays effectively here. All black and white everything, Stampd and Arsham are hand and glove.

The three long-sleeved T-shirts are for sale exclusively through the French retailer colette and can be pre-ordered now, for about $217 each.

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[via Hypebeast]