Do you watch Titantic just so you can see that painting scene and pretend that you are being painting like a French girl? Well we can't make you Rose or find you a Jack, but this may be the next best thing: there is a Paddle8 auction underway right now that will turn one lucky bidder into a work of art.

Contemporary American painter Eric Fischl is offering his artistic services to raise money for the Parrish Art Museum. The highest bidder will be photographed at their home and inserted into the artist's next masterpiece, either as the main subject or as an extra (better cross your fingers for the lead role). You won't get to keep the painting, but the auction says that you will receive "a memento of your participation, signed by the artist, that will be a collage of images referencing his inspiration for the work and your participation." Bidding is currently at $2,600 with three days remaining, so get those bids in now.

[via Paddle8]