A vendor in Walmart.com's marketplace by the name of Plumstruck is offering knockoff prints of Banksy's "Destroy Capitalism" piece. The price of the prints range from $57.98 for a 19"x13" print, up to $868.99 for a three-piece 90"x60" set. A "Banksy" print on eBay or some other ecommerce site is commonplace, but the fact that Wally World, the shining star of capitalism, would sell this print in particular is laughable. It would be like your dealer handing you a pamphlet for a rehab center with your next score.

Also, prints by other artists in the Walmart.com marketplace were incorrectly marketed as Banksy pieces but the company says that they have been taken down. As for the "Destroy Capitalism" print, Walmart said in a statement that they have told the third-party sellers to "review their artwork to ensure the descriptions are accurate." Either they don't get it, or they don't care to.

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[via Slate]