Estudio Guto Requena was hired to design retail superstore Walmart’s Brazilian headquarters for online services, and the workspace looks more like that of a startup than a giant company.

The space is equipped with a family-sized kitchen, community spaces, large brainstorm boards, and tons of natural light. The rooms are painted in bright, bold colors.The lounge areas are stocked with outdoor furniture, like lounge chairs and hammocks, to encourage friendly socialization among employees. The space provides ample opportunity for group bonding via activities—the office comes with a pool table, guitars, and a stage for performances, concerts and film screenings. Best of all, the rooftop is equipped with a terrace and a miniature golf course.

This is the first time Walmart has put effort into designing their offices spaces. The building combines Walmart’s ethos with Brazilian culture, striking a healthy work-life balance.

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[via Dezeen]