Chris Gibbs has constantly proven he has superior taste levels mostly by picking out the hottest items for his store Union Los Angeles. But while he does have a keen eye for great product, he also has an excellent palate for good food. First We Feast recently caught up with the New York transplant to get an idea where he grubs out in L.A.

First off, you can just toss out secret menus from In-N-Out; you won’t find any fast food on this list. And while he doesn't give you all his secret spots, he does divulge foodie favorites from the best sushi spot in the Valley (maybe even in America) to a place where you can get your New York-style breakfast. He even shares a dope juice spot if you're on that health tip. Perhaps the best part is that you won't have to wait for hours to get a table at these places. 

Visit the First We Feast website to check out the list, and warn your followers now that you will (probably) be Instagramming food pictures all day every day. 

[via First We Feast]