It’s time to stop showing up to parties and running into someone wearing the same fit as you. The Hill-Side and Gitman Bros. Vintage are here at your service with their new “Made-to-Order” custom shirt program so that never happens again.  

The process is fairly simple for a major improvement in your style. In three easy steps you pick a fabric from The Hill-Side’s selection of 30, choose a collar style, and then decide if you want to go long or short sleeve.

Once your final decision is made, a team of shirt experts in Gitman’s factory will start snipping away and sewing your custom item. It takes about five weeks, but it's totally worth it if you don’t want those clowns who sweat your style to jack your moves. You also get a custom letterpress printed receipt with a button of the same fabric you picked to remind you an awesome shirt is on the way.

Visit the Hill-Side booth at the Pop-Up Flea this weekend to get started on your order. Don’t be afraid to go crazy.