Trends come and go, but personal style is forever. Being able figure out what works best for you in this shit of weather is a skill one should be rewarded for. And boy do sub-par weather conditions complicate just about every facet of life. But if there is one positive thing you can look forward to, it's those chunky, knit-y, leather-y, cozy, layer-ready pieces that have been quietly waiting in your closet for winter to set in.

You could take the easy road and follow the typical cold weather uniforms, but weather this bad means "fuck it," it's time to go really hard in the paint on motherfuckers and make minds explodes. There are the typical steps taken to assure your style is on point this season. But now is the time to go beyond what everyone expects and take some calculated ventures towards out there territory. Here are 10 Style Risks to Take This Winter.

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