The great Coco Chanel once advised that "before you leave the house, remove one accessory." What Coco didn't know was that it was cold as shit outside and she probably would've added an accessory if she had to take the train instead of a Rolls. Plus, let's be honest; accessories are dope. They add a little flavor to your style and they can be functional in the same vein. But are your accessories a telltale sign of you and your character?

Being stylish is hard, man. We know it. So your winter weather accoutrements can make or break your style while simultaneously being the difference between warm and cozy or cold and shriveled. No one wants to be freezing cold and have your dick seek shelter by burrowing up into your own body. Still though, you're definitely sending signals with the things you rock to ward off the low temps. In case you weren't sure, here's What Your Favorite Winter Accessory Says About You.

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