Left Field just dropped their indigo collection featuring all the yarn dyed indigo basics. Yarn dying means they dye the fucking yarn before they make the garment. This is the last time I'm going to explain this shit to you guys, so bookmark this post or something because next time you're gonna have to look this up on some remedial Put This On steez site. The collection features T-shirts, crews and sweats. The sweatpants are based on Champion's version from the '50s and are constructed with the grain of the fabric running horizontally instead of vertically, which apparently helps prevent stretching and shrinking. Though, I don't think sweats from the 1950's were slim enough to have any stretching issues. TIGHT SWEATS CAN BE HIGHLY SUS, MY DUDES. Unless, of course, you are a ninja or trying to smang some hot moms in Lululemon.