"Wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket." So goes the official Billionaire Boys Club mantra, a soothing zen counterpoint to the status anxiety that the brand has been known to inspire in those who may be feeling somewhat light in the pockets. Whether you're flossing, stunting, or straight flexing on the so-called competition, BBC is a trusted brand you can turn to for that "greed is good" Gordon Gekko swag. Just remember that rocking the gear is one thing, and backing it up with a billion dollars' worth of racks on racks is quite another.

We've already heard Beyonce bigging up her billionaire boo on the Magna Carter Holy Grail cut "BBC." (Even though, according to the International Business Times, Jay and Bey have to pool their assets to reach ten figures.) But how many other hip-hop moguls have actually made the jump from a milli to a billi? They sure do look the part in those colorful all-over-print hoodies and tricked-out Tees. But you know who does need a style makeover? Real-life billionaires. And now that hip-hop's not just big in the hood anymore, why shouldn't Oprah—or the Sage of Omaha—rock BBC? So we decided the perfect way to wrap up Pharrell Week would be to hook up some swaggerifically challenged billionaires with the aptly titled gear they so desperately need. They can thank us later (hopefully with a check).

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