By now we all know the Chrysler 300 Series as being among the sleekest, most sophisticated American cars. The Detroit-based auto manufacturer decided to kick up its luxury game through an exclusive 300 Series collaboration with Motor City’s own fashion icon, John Varvatos. In the clip above, you’ll get to see some of the meticulous detailing that went into creating the John Varvatos line of 300C automobiles. Only 2000 were made, so like anything that bears the John Varvatos name, you know this is a premium item.

In the spot, you’ll see a familiar face waiting beside John for the 300C to arrive. That would be punk rock legend Iggy Pop—another Detroit kid, and the type of rock 'n’ roll innovator that has inspired Varvatos over the years. From the look on Iggy’s face, he likes what he sees.

Click above to check out the spot.