The Stonehenge Visitor center opens tomorrow, and photos of the structure have been released, showing just how intricate the building is. While it’s within a (brisk) walking distance of the ancient Druidic monument, the structure designed by Denton Corker Marshall is out of view of the stone ring, keeping the sanctity of the World Heritage Site intact.

The center features sustainable design, meant to sit within the landscape with as minimal impact as possible. The architects accomplished this by utilizing a foundation they call a “concrete raft,” which cuts minimally into the soil, reducing the depth of the foundation. Local and recyclable materials were used in tis construction. The building is meant to counteract the weight of the monument without distracting from its importance.

"Where the stones are exposed, massive and purposefully positioned, the centre is sheltered, lightweight and informal. And where the stones seem embedded into the earth, the centre rests on its surface," said Barrie Marshall, of Denton Cork Marshall.

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[via Dezeen]