Over the past ten years, Billionaire Boys Club and Icecream have consistently put out countless product that has changed the entire game, re-defined American streetwear, and forced fans to drop rent money on new gear. Anyone who's copped a piece from BBC or Icecream in the past decade has rocked it heavily, and there's a good chance it survived every round of spring cleaning and wardrobe purges.

But amidst an ocean of dope product, certain pieces truly do stand out. And who better to explain which items were the best of the best than Pharrell? Even though he compares picking the most sought-after pieces to asking Willy Wonka which was his favorite candy, Pharrell combed through a decade's worth of gear to explain which ones deserved obsession-status. From milestone markers, to garments he had a personal connection with, to brand-defining gear, watch the video above to see how Pharrell Breaks Down the Most Coveted Billionaire Boys Club and Icecream Pieces of All Time.