Nigel Cabourn’s encyclopedic knowledge of outerwear is borderline old-man-on-top-of-the-mountain status. Ask him anything and you’ll come out with some newfound wisdom about what type of thread was used on Sir Edmund Hillary’s jackets when he ascended Mt. Everest. This expertise translates to designing first-class outerwear for his eponymous label's ongoing partnership with Eddie Bauer for the Winter 2013 collection.

The duo dug deep into the Eddie Bauer archive to pick out some coveted silhouettes to keep you snug during the colder months. The Mount Everest Parka sports quality hardware like Riri zippers and a warm looking Cayote fur. The Kara Koram jacket has so much goose down, you won’t even feel a slight chill. And the US Down Clip Jacket and Canadian Vest are lightweight options that can still make your torso feel like a warm fireplace.

All the jackets are available now on the End Clothing website.

[via End Clothing]