For the opening of the "Museum as Hub: Report on the Construction of a Spaceship Module" exhibition next year, the New Museum will be giving it's fifth floor a makeover of stellar proportions. The space will be made to resemble the interior of a spaceship, similar to the set design of the Czech film Ikarie XB-1 (1963). The group show is curated by tranzit and will feature video, sculpture, illustrations, and print works from various artists from Eastern European countries. The exhibition design is said to represent "the challenges that contemporary artists experience in exhibiting works, or that curators come across in organizing exhibitions that stitch together diverse art, selected across generation, cultural context, personal narratives, and time."

Visitors to the space station can also expect public Skype discussions with the artists, critics, and curators. The unique project is slated to last for three months between January 22 and April 6. For more information, visit the New Museum's exhibition page.

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[via ArtInfo]