Ranking the "most stylish" celebrities is always tricky. Beyond the obvious aspects of subjectivity, influence, and pushing boundaries, there's also something we call stylist's magic. Differentiating celebs' personal styles versus what their stylists pick out for them is getting tougher and tougher. But still, when a guy has great personal style, it shines through.

Certain rappers, athletes, actors, and singers didn't make the cut for this year-end roundup, even if they made it onto previous lists. Why? Mostly because the competition is stiffer—this is the best of the best dressed. It isn't enough that a rapper was an #influencer and made fans Google Tom Ford, or that an actor showed up to a red carpet premiere in a killer suit that one time. It takes consistency, growth, and just looking damn good in dope clothes. 

There debate on who should and who shouldn't make this list will always be a hot one, and peoples' thoughs and opinions are always welcome to the conversation. But for the reasons listed above, these were The Most Stylish Celebrities of 2013

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