Look Inside Carhartt WIP's Reconstructed Store in Amsterdam

Let there be light.

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Carhartt Work in Progress' store in Amsterdam sits on a brick-lined sidewalk of Harten Street. Huge windows - some of them decorated with stained glass - flood the mannequins wearing flannel shirts and grey hoodies with light. But prior to the sole Netherlands location's recent renovation, for some reason, the light didn't reach the back of the store.

The old Carhartt WIP store in Amsterdam was dark. The interior consisted of dark wood floors, stone walls, black metal pipes holding up chocolate brown slats of wood where the clothing sat in neatly folded piles. Most of the displays and shelves looked more like dark cubbies hiding stacks of khaki pants. Carhatt decided to redesign the interior to change things up, and called on Milan-based architect Andrea Caputo to let the sunshine in. 

The new spot is a beaming beacon of white light, and a complete turnaround from the previous layout and look: a clear ceiling, glass walls, back-lit cabinets and a green, all caps "Carhartt" sign have updated the utilitarian aesthetic synonymous with the outdoor brand. 

Scroll through the photos above, and compare them to the "before" shots here. Some pictures from the grand opening even were posted on Carhartt WIP's Twitter as well.

[via Carhartt WIP]

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