Damn. The trailer of the new Kidult film No Gallery, No Master just dropped and it is a doozey. We’ve seen the subversive street artist blasting his fire extinguisher graff all over the front of high-end fashion and commodity shops the world over, not to mention unveil ten publicly installed sculptures around the globe as part of his “EXSTINCTOR” project. Now, we’re not exactly sure what this video implies. On the No Gallery, No Master website, there’s little-to-no information. But Hypebeast reported six days ago there was a description reading: “The ‘Exstinctor’ propaganda project only aims at destroying the notion of commodity. Just like graffiti, my work is public, and not private. NoGalleryNoMaster was created so that we can choose and select how my work is sold and distributed, in accordance with very specific criteria.” This was apparently in order to help decide when and where new Kidult works were sold. However, that description seems to be gone. Hypebeast writes that Kidult asked viewers to contact him, though that now seems to be gone as well. We’ll have to wait to see what Kidult asks of us next.

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[via Hypebeast]