Icecream has collaborated with anime television series Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. on a collection that the brand's anime-loving fans will be happy about. The collection will include the MOKOTO tee, which features the show's main character holiding an ice cream while wearing an actual Ice Cream varsity jacket sold online, and the TACHIKOMA tee, which builds off a graphic of one of the robots from the show. Each design comes in a black and white, with the MOKOTO T-Shirt also available in grey. 

As of right now, the MOKOTO tee, stocked at ZOZOTOWN and the Billionaire Boys Club Flagship and webstore, is the only one available. The TACHIKOMA shirt will also be at ZOZOTOWN and Billionaire Boys Club Japan but has yet to receive a release date. 

The T-Shirts are a Japan release, so if you've been planning a trip there, now's the time to hop on the plan. Conversely, get a friend to pick one up for you and send it your way. 

[via BBC Icecream]