George Bush's loves painting. He loves painting cats and dogs. He loves painting fruit. He loves painting himself in the shower, and he loves painting Jay Leno. Bush loves painting so much that he carries his work around on his iPad just in case he needs to show the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

This priceless image of a grinning Hillary was snapped by White House Photographer Pete Souza on Monday at Air Force One right before the equally excited group, which includes National Security Adviser Susan Rice and Attorney General Eric Holder, departed to South Africa for Nelson Mandela's memorial. While the bunch may seem a little to jovial for the occasion, this is certainly not the most inappropriate picture of the day.

In a New York Times article on Bush's life after office, it seemed like all he does these days is paint, so who can blame him for showing off the fruits of his labor? We expect Hillary is smiling at one of his portraits from his previously announced series on the 19 foreign presidents he worked with during his presidency. 

Maybe Bush is taking a page from David Hockney, who released a series of paintings done on an iPad earlier this year, or maybe he is acting like your creepy uncle showing pictures from his vacation, but either way Hillary Clinton seems to be enjoying the art.

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[via The Daily Beast]