En Noir just dropped a line of photo realism T-Shirts, a great follow-up to its Jay Z for Barneys collaboration

The XO T-Shirts, as they're called, use a technique that combines digital printing and hand embroidery layered over the print to give a 3D effect. The proccess allows for different parts of the tee to have more texture than others. So next level. Prior to this, the technique was only used in smaller scales; En Noir is the first to use it on an entire garment. 

There are five tees available, all of which feature an image of a statue. They aren't exactly easy on the pocket at $690 each, but the technique—one that took a few seasons to perfect—used to make these shirts alone would explain why. Besides, quality doesn't always come cheap. If you're interested in copping something really unique, head to Barneys New York and barneys.com where it's sold exclusively.