If you’re at a severe lack of cool shit to hang on your walls, Draw A Line, a new print shop with ties directly to its artists, has the solution.

Not only does the workshop reach out directly to the artists, to create selected art editions specific to the workshop, they document the entire creation process. The artists—such as Clemens Behr, Husk Mit Navn, and Kanta Kimura—often come directly to the Berlin studio in order to shape the work. The results so far have been bold and generous, with prices neither so ridiculous you feel guilty about your rent check nor so low you feel shitty for lowballing the artist. They also ship free, worldwide.

“We are focusing on emerging international artists having their roots in the street culture,” says Manuel Rademaker, one director of the studio. “To us this street culture is contemporary art in its purest form. Although this new and vibrant art scene has been on the rise all around the world, it is still difficult to find a platform that makes it accessible to people who appreciate it. So that is why we're here now.”

These are certainty high-quality prints of some certainly dope works. Each one is hand-printed silkscreen. Check out two of the collaborations Remed pulled together with Draw A Line, and a couple other snaps, above.

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