Damn, don’t these tees from Relic look like those Japanese joints you're always Tumblr? I know, you and I will look like that teenager that just discovered moody Asian art films and is already finding Lorde passé when we wear them, but if you are a really cool girl or know a really cool girl she will look FUCKING AMAZING in these T-shirts. It’s just, like the 47th rule of the universe or some shit. Cool girls look awesome in T-shirts with photos of dead roses on them. The only drawback to said cool girls? They always have a "photographer" friend that wants to take pictures of them in nothing but their panties and a T-shirt with a dead rose on it next to a ficus using a shitty point and shoot film camera from 1997. I DON’T TRUST THOSE KIND OF PHOTOGRAPHERS. I ALWAYS ASSUME THEY'RE JUST TRYNA WHIP THEIR DICKS OUT TERRY RICHARDSON STYLE.