Coke Magic has an amazing slew of new rap tees, and, as always, this Christmas day drop is about a fish-scales-worth of dope T-shirts. If you dig nostalgia and you're still holding on to cassette tapes of your favorite rap and R&B albums from the ‘90s, these will help remind you of the days when rolling top down in your big bros Jeep Wrangler bumping Aaliyah. Or possibly that time you almost crashed your car ghost riding the whip to Mac Dre.

In this round, Coke Magic did a tee in collaboration with the young prodigy artist Yung Lenox. It’s a first in a series, and features a marker painting of 2 Live Crew’s As Nasty as They Wanna Be. There are 25 new shirts for you to choose from, and its hard to get just one, so you might as well cop them all. If you're one of those dudes who is always lamening the current state of hip-hop and want to re-live the glory years, visit the Coke Magic webstore on Christmas day and cop some weight.