In 1996 Michael Jordan brushed up on some acting skills and starred opposite all the iconic Looney Toons characters for the movie Space Jam. Following the movie release, a special colorway of his Air Jordan XI sneakers was designed.

But have you ever wondered what the shoe would look like as a jacket? Well, Clothsurgeon has the answer.

Rav Matharu, the brand's designer, reworked a special Space Jam varsity jacket inspired by the Jordan XIs. The original jacket was given to Rasha Ringo Smith of Tumblin Dice, co-executive producer of Space Jam's soundtrack, by Jordan himself in 1996. 

Familiar features, inspired by the iconic kicks, include patent leather welt pockets, side seam tapes, and zig-zag ribbing. The exterior colorway takes on the black, white, and blue colors of the shoe. Open up the jacket and you get a nice surprise: digitally printed lining of images from the movie. Look even further and you will find a hidden pocket on the sleeve lined with an image of Jordan. 

The jacket isn't for sale, which is too bad, because it's dope. Bravo, Matharu.