Release date: Oct. 28, 2013
Photography: Caroline Robert, Korey Richey
Art direction: Caroline Robert
Labels: Merge, Sonovox

Throughout all of Arcade Fire's latest, critically-acclaimed album, Reflektor, the Canadian indie ensemble is constantly making a play at grand scale in some form or another, treating their audience to ballads of zealous length and lyricism time and time again throughout the record. And the album artwork-a mixture of Greek and Haitian influences-clearly displays the band's intent to become something bigger than themselves.

Framing Auguste Rodin's Orphée et Eurydice within a silver halo and a starry sky, the band adds a sense of cosmic importance to the work that art director Caroline Robert corroborates with her explanation of the band's creative process. Robert says, "the band fell in love with Rodin's sculpture...Orpheus' myth inspired them while writing some of their songs. They were also talking a lot about the influence of Caribbean culture on their music and their desire to bring back carnival energy into live performances. They wanted to create a clash between those two worlds: super classic and beautiful (Rodin's sculpure, black and white) with raw and spontaneous (Haitian raw art, voodoo, carnival, textures, and colors)." Much in the way that Reflektor's sound refuses to be held down, so too does the tension existing in its artwork.