This year Marina Abramovic redefined the title "celebrity artist" with a never ending night in the limelight. The grandmother of performance art went viral when she held Jay Z in a swaying trance for his "Picasso Baby" performance at Pace Gallery. She then convinced Lady Gaga to walk around in the woods in her birthday suit to practice the Abramovic Method. Her wildly successful Kickstarter to fund the Marina Abramovic Institute included a promise of a hug and a video of her telling a (failed, but charming) light bulb joke.

The MAI, a museum dedicated to performance art, is scheduled to open in 2015. Since Abramovic is still raising money for her institute, we expect that she will continue to act out for the spotlight, generating buzz for the project. Maybe her star antics are just another kind of performance art? Either way, we expect her to keep charting online in 2014.