If you're looking for a website to add to your bookmarks that will confuse the hell out whoever is snooping on your laptop, you may want to consider Ai Weiwei's new site, Aiweiweiseeds.com. At first glance and without a little context, the site seems very strange. The main page features a full-window slideshow gallery of the artist and what appear to be normal sunflower seeds, along with links to Exhibitions, Press, a Bibliography, and other information about the seeds in particular. The seeds in question are from Sunflower Seeds, an art project consisting of 100 million hand-painted porcelain seeds commissioned for an exhibition at Tate Modern in 2010.

As ArtInfo points out, this is not the first time Ai Weiwei has created a site for one of his projects. The website does provide useful information about the history of the project and where it has been, but will fans of his work continue to visit separate sites or do they prefer a centralized hub of all things Ai Weiwei?

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[via ArtInfo