The second anyone mentions Acne, it's as though a gang of fools wielding "MINIMALISM" banners appear, jumping up and down with enthusiasm. There's no doubt that the Stockholm-based brand put razor-sharp lines, reeled-in silhouettes and nearly print-less styles on the map, and it's managed to stay there each season, albeit with slight shifts and a few pleasant surprises (that Blaine pink marble coat came outta nowhere).

The newest flagship store in Downtown Los Angeles stays true to the minimalist aesthetic that's stuck to the brand like a starfish. The shop is located in the Eastern Columbia Building at 855 South Broadway - largely regarded as one of the last relics of art deco architecture. But the 5,000 square-foot interior couldn't be further from craft motifs and Machine Age materials; architect Andreas Bozarth Fornell, who designed the bulk of Acne's other locations, brought in marbled concrete floors, steel panels and caged partitions to separate women's from men's clothing. Much like the Osaka and London shops, there's metal a-plenty - holed fencing, alloy shelves and silver clothing racks make this spot look sort of like the inside of a Starkist can. In a good way. 

And, true to form, Acne threw in one left-field shocker: a hulking mushroom sculpture by Belgian artist Carsten Holler placed on a round mirror. 

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[via Acne]