Artist duo UZi is made up of Gabe and Mike who specialize in grainy, raw, often VHS videos of musicians, celebrities, and randomly awesome culture happenings. Hailing from Ohio, UZi started out playing the opening act for rappers that rolled through town. Instead of relying on other directors to shoot their shows, they filmed themselves and other acts, work that evolved into the videos they produce today.

Gabe and Mike use an old VHS camera which gives their films a gritty, vintage aesthethic. "We shoot with old shitty cameras because it looks better. Simple as that," Gabe of UZi told Complex in a previous interview. "It brings them to a different world." 

UZi claims they got their big break when the filmed Kreayshawn’s "Summertime" in LA. Since then, they have gone on to film videos featuring A$AP Mob, Kid Cudi, Terry Richarson, and others. Gabe of UZi revealed some of his favorite projects to us. Check out the duo's work with our Portfolio Review: UZi Talks About Their Video Work With Kid Cudi, Terry Richardson, RiFF RaFF, and More

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