The latest in tour gear exclusives is bringing Tom Ford and Justin Timberlake’s suit and tie relationship to a grand scale. With JT’s 20/20 World Experience Tour about to kick off, the designer went all in with the tour wardrobe. We’re not talking about four or five items here, either. The exclusive collection will contain 600 pieces. Just marinate on that for a second. 

Everyone from backup dancers, the band, vocalists, and Justin Timberlake (eight total outfits for JT) will be dipped in Tom Ford designed clothes. With a relationship dating back to 2011, the singer has been somewhat of a brand ambassador for the designer’s gear. And it helps that Tom Ford sees him as having “a tremendous talent and has a kind of effortless cool that makes classic menswear tailoring modern.” Don’t lie, you didn’t even think about wearing suits out of work on the reg until Justin Timberlake started doing it.

While musical acts have worn designer clothes on stage before, it wasn’t on such a large scale or official collaborations with designers. The new avenue on getting your clothes seen, it seems, is lacing up major musical acts with a whole tour wardrobe, which is not a bad idea. Kanye West has done so recently by collaborating with Maison Martin Margiela on outfits for the "Yeezus Tour." Calvin Klein did it with Drake. And with this latest Tom Ford news, we can only see more designers following suit in the future.

[via Fashionista]